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Wood or Fiber Cement – What is best for your home?

Your home is one of the most precious assets of your life. Therefore, you choose the best products for your home including furniture, appliances, and home decor items. And of course, you would also like to use the best construction materials. Wood and fiber cement are two of the most popular choices that come to your mind.

Here, we shall be discussing the advantages of each, while comparing the two.


Wood is among the popular construction materials that have been in use since ancient times. It is strong, durable, and gives an aesthetic appeal to your home. Being an environmentally friendly material, it is quite popular among the ecological people of today. For sustainable development, you can make use of wood and its derivatives to build your home.

Moreover, many modern construction materials imitate the timeless beauty and classy looks of real wood. There are several advantages of wood that makes it the best construction materials.

Here are a few:

  • Strong – Although wood is lighter than steel and metal, it has good tensile strength. It can therefore provide larger utility spaces with fewer necessary supports.
  • Resistant to Electricity and Heat – Wood naturally resists electric current. Moreover, its strength and dimensions do not change because of heat. Therefore, using timber in your home provides stability and safety implications for fire situations.
  • Sound Absorption – Rather than amplifying or reflecting sound, timber absorbs it. These acoustic characteristics of wood minimize the echo in your living space. This is why wood is a good constructing material for your home, as it can significantly reduce the noise level.
  • Beautiful Aesthetics – By using timber in your home construction you can give a sophisticated look to it. You have a variety of choices of wood to pick from and each of them reflects luxury.
  • Green Benefits – One of the greatest advantages of using timber for building your home is that it is a green material. You get it from a renewable source, i.e. trees. Every time a tree is harvested, around ten more are planted in its place. This way, the renewable cycle begins.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement, also called cement board, is one of the newest products in building materials. These boards combine wood fiber, sand, and cement are heavier in weight but are quite strong. This can be used as a construction material for your dwelling as it is durable and can withstand harsh weather.

Moreover, these are available in different designs and appearances (imitating wood, marble) to make your home look classy. There are several advantages of using fiber cement as your building material.

Here are a few:

  • DurabilityBecause of the long-term durability these boards offer, it is among the popular construction materials. The composite materials like cellulose and cement are the reason behind the longer lifespan of fiber cement boards.
  • Fire ResistanceThe fire resistance property adds to the benefits of using cement board as your home’s construction material. Unlike wood, these boards repel fire and restrict its spread, thus making it a safer alternative to wood.
  • Withstand Harsh Weather – If you are making home in a region that will face extreme heat, humidity, and other harsh conditions, you must make use of fiber cement. Because fiber cement prevents damage from these extreme weather elements on a building, you should use it for making your home.
  • Green Material – The environmental advantages of fiber cement make it a popular building material. The makeup materials of fiber cement are green and usually come from a sustainable source. Therefore, the end product i.e., the cement board is also eco-friendly.

Comparison Between Wood and Fiber Cement

The table below compares wood and fiber cement on several bases. Along with the advantages of the two building materials, this too can help you to choose between the two.

Comparison Aspects Fiber Cement Wood
Water Resistance Waterproof Not Waterproof
Installation Easy and quick Easy but not very fast
Maintenance Requires no/less maintenance Requires regular maintenance
Cost Less costly Pricey

Whether you want to renovate your home using wood or fiber cement, consider Impex Global as your construction materials supplier in Dubai.