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fiber cement board

Benefits of using Cement Board in your Construction Project

When it comes to the construction of your home or any other building, you have many options of materials to choose from. Of course, stability and reliability are the major factors that you would want in your building materials. And a cement board has always stood as the epitome of these factors because of its strength and durability. Not only can it withstand adverse climatic conditions, can also add value to your building.

What is a Cement Board?

Also called fiber cement, cement board is a composite building material made of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers. This unique mixture is strong, durable, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Cement boards possess several properties that makes them a good construction material. Because it also offers a beautiful aesthetic appearance, people consider it in their home interiors.

This article discusses seven key benefits of using a cement board in your construction project. Take a look.

  1. Long Durability – The main benefit of considering cement boards as your construction material is its durability. It is because of the combination of cement and fiber. On average, the lifespan of a fiber cement board is 40 years approximately.
  2. Fire and Heat Resistance – The fire and heat resistance properties add to their advantages as a construction material. Unlike wood and other flammable materials, these boards offer around 87% fire repellent rating, and hence can restrict the spread of fire. This advantage makes it a safer alternative to wood and other construction materials that can catch fire easily.
  3. Withstand Harsh Weather – You also require the building material of your construction project to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is because when a building gets exposed to extreme heat and humidity, these elements can also cause damage to it. But, if you use fiber cement boards as the construction material, you can protect the building from any damage. The makeup materials of cement boards make them dimensionally stable and sturdy enough to withstand all such extreme climatic conditions.
  4. Easy Installation – Another advantage of using fiber cement boards for your construction project is the ease of installation these offers. Although this construction material is a bit new in the market, you do not need specialized labor or special training to fix them. All you need is the right size of boards and the right tools to install these boards properly.
  5. Requires Minimal or No Maintenance – When you use cement board for your construction, you can be relieved from heavy maintenance. Yes! These boards require low or no maintenance, especially when compared to wood. The curing process used in the formation of cement boards allows them to absorb less moisture than other materials. Therefore, there are fewer chances of cracking or breaking in the cement boards. Unlike vinyl and aluminum, these boards won’t require regular pressure washing.
  6. Environmental Friendly – Fiber cement is also becoming popular because of its environmental advantages. The underlying production process of a cement board is green. Most of the makeup materials used in their construction are recycled or come from sustainable sources. The end product thus formed is environmental-friendly.
  7. Stylish – Another significant advantage of fiber cement boards in your construction project is the style versatility these offer. These are available in several styles to complement any corner of your building space. The advanced manufacturing methods add to the striking beauty of the natural looks of the material.

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