MDF Board


  • MDF – Medium Density Fibreboard
  • Plain | Laminated | Melamine
  • Engineered Wood Composite that is similar to Particle board but much denser and stronger.
  • Sawdust swept up from other wood products manufacturing processes and mixed up with resin binders at high temperatures and pressed into large sheets to avoid Voids and Splinters.


  • Smooth Finish – No knots

  • Easily Painted with priming

  • Great substrate for Veneer

  • Consistent throughout – smooth edges

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PLYWOOD (Commercial / Marine)

  • Commercial Plywood – Indian / Malaysian

  • Size : 4 ft x 8 ft X 6,9,12,18 and 25mm

  • Marine Plywood
    Film Faced Plywood – Poplar / Phenolic

  • Size: 8 x 4 ft

  • Combi-core / Hardwood

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  • Engineered Wood Product made by pressing and binding sheets of Wood Veneer together into one solid piece.
  • Different Thickness / Grades
  • Lower Grades used for subfloors – as they don’t need aesthetic look.
  • Higher Grades used for Furnitures – Stain graded / Cabinet grades etc
  • Consistent Wood grains – No knots/ holes or other major projections.
  • Easily Sanded and Strong Grip for Screws.
  • Stainable and Available with our Formaldehyde
  • Less susceptible to water
Timber Suppliers in Dubai

Other Specifications and approvals available upon request.