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Gypsum Board Dubai

Gypsum Board – A Popular Construction Material

Earlier bricks and mortar were the most common materials for construction purposes. But now, we have a variety of new and innovative building materials available in the market. These not only make the construction project more functional, but also enhances its aesthetics. Out of the many, gypsum board is vastly used for construction purposes in the interiors. The main reason for this is the non-combustible gypsum core of these boards. There are several other properties of gypsum which make these boards a popular construction material choice. In this article, we shall be exploring the properties and advantages of gypsum boards to know how are these useful as a construction material.

What is a Gypsum Board?

Also known as plasterboard or Drywall, a gypsum board is a popular construction material designed to construct ceilings and walls. This surface material eliminates plaster and provides a smooth and beautiful finish to the surface. The main makeup material in a gypsum board is gypsum. This soft material is made of calcium sulfate dihydrate and is the main content in plaster.

Properties of Gypsum Boards

Some properties of gypsum boards that make them a useful building material include:

  • Thermal Properties – The core material of gypsum boards is gypsum which possesses good thermal properties. When you use gypsum boards in interiors, they balance the humidity and indoor temperature . The thermal properties allow the Drywall to act as a vapor barrier preventing humidity.
  • Fire Resistant – Gypsum has fire resistance properties because it includes chemically bonded water. Being the core material in gypsum boards, it helps restrict the spread and thus protects the entire construction from fire accidents. When a gypsum board confronts fire, the heat generated breaks the chemical bond of water to form a protective layer. It resists the fire spread further.
  • Acoustic Properties – Because of the soundproofing properties, the gypsum boards are highly-recommended as a construction material for buildings in areas subjected to high traffic. The manufacturing process of these boards is such that they avoid the reverberation effect and reduce the noise. Gypsum, which is the core makeup material of the gypsum board, is an energy-efficient building material.

When you use a gypsum board in the interiors, you can insulate the room, make it soundproof, and also energy efficient.

Advantages of Gypsum Boards

There are several advantages of using gypsum boards as a construction material. Here, we have discussed some of them.

  • Gypsum boards have a smooth surface: one of the main benefits of using gypsum board in construction is the smooth surface they offer. You can install them directly to your home interiors and paint the sleek surface. Gypsum, which is the main content in plaster and the gypsum boards, gives a crack-free smoothness to the board.
  • Easier installation: you do not require special labor having unique skills to fix the gypsum boards. All you need is, the right sized boards and the appropriate tools to install them. Moreover, the installation process is clean and fast.
  • Gypsum boards do not need plaster coating: one of the main advantages of using gypsum boards as a construction material is – it eliminates the need for plaster finish. Since gypsum is the main content of these boards, you will not require a special plaster coating to give it a neat and smooth finish.
  • Gypsum boards are available in a variety of designs: another benefit of using gypsum boards in your construction is their availability in various designs, colors, and patterns. You can select the one that compliments your home’s interiors and enhances the aesthetics.
  • Gypsum boards help balance the indoor atmospheric conditions: due to the thermal and acoustic insulating properties of gypsum in these boards, this construction material maintains a balance in the indoor temperature and humidity of the building.

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