Polyisocyanurate Insulation


  • PIR Polyisocynaurate is Thermostat Plastic materials produced as a foam and used as a rigid thermal insulation.
  • Both PUR and PIR are manufactured from the two components isocyanurate (MDI) and Polyol.
  • PUR: Implemented at balanced ratio.
  • PIR: MDI used at clear excess during production of PIR.
  • Hence less flammable and smoke resistant giving more thermal and dimensional stability, flame and clinical resistance.


  • Size: 1 / 1.2M x 2M to 4M (Sheets)
  • Dia: 15 to 600 MM (Pipe insulations)
  • Thickness: 15 to 100 MM (Sheets) / 20 -100 MM (Pipes)
  • Applications: Commercial and Industrial CHW pipe insulations and thermal insulations in constructions of roof, wall and floor.