Insulation Pins are used to mechanically fix and install insulation material that can be pierced by metal spindles. Install Pins, also referred as & hanger pins& or Insulation Pins, are either stud-weldable, or designed to be bonded with adhesive for non-welded systems or perforated.

Insulation fasteners are special pins used to install insulation on the inside or outside of furnace shells, secure insulation inside steel buildings, attached to cloth seals used to secure and protect sensitive equipment from heat. Insulation fasteners for welding come in many different types such as cup head weld pins, double-pointed pins, self-locking washers and speed clips, lasing anchors, adhesive and non-adhesive backed pins. Insulation fasteners are available in many different grades of steel ranging from mild/carbon to stainless steel depending on the application.

Metal insulation anchors are an all metal through fix anchor which are quick and east to install. They have a tapered shank to aid installation, and holes in the head to provide a key for render.